Since I am living in Tokyo for over 10 years, I am proud of myself as Tokyo Trip Expert. Here, I will tell you everything I know about how travelers from all over the world can amazingly enjoy the journey with all reasonable hotels, tasty food choices, and amazing spots including my secret recommends with travel tips in this biggest metropolitan city in the world. For Tokyo trip, I believe 4 days stay should be minimum, and if you prefer including staying hot spring spots close to Tokyo, around one week would be ideal to maximize your all fantastic experience in this trip.

For Vol.7, I’ll tell you about my favorite one-day trip spot in Tokyo, Okutama area. You can experience great nature there in this metropolitan city.


From Wikipedia – Okutama is located in the Okutama Mountains of far western Tokyo. It is geographically the largest municipality in Tokyo. Mount Kumotori, Tokyo’s highest peak at 2017 m, divides Okutama from the Okuchichibu region of the neighboring Saitama and Yamanashi Prefectures. Tokyo’s northernmost and westernmost points lie in Okutama, as does Lake Okutama, an important source of water for Tokyo, situated above the Ogōchi Dam in the town.

The best season to visit to Okutama area will be Spring and Fall. In Spring, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms while in Fall, you can see amazing autumn color of leaves both in Lake Okutama.

From Wikipedia – Lake Okutama occupies part of the town of Okutama in Nishitama District, Tokyo and the village of Tabayama in Kitatsuru District, Yamanashi. The Taba (Tama) River feeds Lake Okutama at its western end. From the southwest, the Kosuge River also flows into the lake. The Tama River drains the lake at the eastern end. The surroundings are famous for cherry blossoms in the spring.

Lake Okutama is a beautiful spot to take nature photography of Tokyo. You should visit here one time before you leave. And, my favorite to do in Okutama always is actually fishing. You don’t have to bring anything to enjoy fishing because they have mainly 3 fishing center around Okutama area and all rent you tools such as fishing poles and baits. Most of fish you can take there is rainbow trout and mountain trout. It must be fun!

It costs like US$30 per a person for 3 hours fishing, and even if you cannot catch fishes, the centers give you 3 fishes for free. No worries 🙂 And, after enjoying fishing, they cook the fishes for you. And some fishing centers provide you with BBQ tools for self-cooking. All are very tasty and fun!

Here is the lists of fishing centers in Okutama on Google Map. They open from around 8am to 4pm. So, be careful.

After fishing, usually I go to Onsen in Okutama. Moeginoyu will be popular spot. There, you can enjoy beautiful nature view in outer hot spring. That’s really good. You can have lunch and dinner there, too.

One thing I should remind you when you visit to this Onsen spot is that it’s pretty busy in weekends. Sometimes you have to wait to enter into this spot. That’s too bad. So, when you visit to Okutama, it should be weekdays. Here is Google Map Link


You have two options to get to Lake Okutama. One is by JR Train and Bus, and the other one is by renting a car. By Train and Bus, it will take 2 hours to get to JR Okutama Station which is close to some fishing centers and the Onsen spot, from there It will take 1 hour by bus. By renting a car, it will take around 2 hours typically. So, I basically recommend to rent a car for this one day trip.

Here is Google Map Link for the above transportation. Also, you can book your renting a car here in Expedia.

This is all about Okutama. Also, about my hotel recommendations in Tokyo, here is the link.

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For Vol.8, I’ll tell you about the other my favorite day-trip plan in Tokyo. It’s about Mt. Takao. You can enjoy short trekking and Onsen there.

Tokyo Trip Vol.8 – Mount Takao, Trekking, Takao Hot Springs